What You Need To Know To Hire A Dedicated Server For Online Gaming

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Do you like online games? Or better, do you have a business dedicated to it? We explain what you need to know to hire the best game server related to your needs.

In recent years, the video game industry has undergone drastic and innumerable changes thanks to the development of new technologies.

The birth of the Internet has been one of the most important turning points in this evolution, because thanks to this users can now play collectively at a distance, and has allowed them to be connected all the time, maintaining constant communication.

The invention of online games has become a different and unique experience for players.

No matter where they are, gamers can now connect from anywhere around the world and share games.

That is why, in order to make this type of games work properly, you must have a dedicated infrastructure that is responsible for providing the features necessary for a proper functioning.

Let’s see everything you need to hire a server of this type.

What is a Gaming Server?

The new game consoles and the introduction of online multiplayer games have made developers change their approach and now it is almost considered a standard that the user is connected to the global network. That is why a high demand has arisen for special servers for gaming.

A gamer server is a team dedicated exclusively to hosting online multiplayer video games, to which each member connects through the use of the Internet or a private network.

This type of servers have the necessary resources to handle the large flow of data that occurs when executing these operations.

How a Gaming Server works

The main function of a dedicated online video game server is to collect information from each player and then distribute it to the rest of the players in a game.

Contrary to the performance of other types of servers, a dedicated server makes this action as fast as possible to simulate an action in real time.

If we compare them with P2P networks, dedicated servers will work much better when performing this task, as they have better hardware which is used exclusively for this. On the other hand, when using peer to peer connections you have to depend on the equipment from where the user connects.

Differences between a VPS and a Video Game Server

Unlike a VPS that is generally used for web hosting services that do not share resources, the video game server has better resources to respond to high demands.

Keep in mind that in a video game server you can use virtualization to have several VPS and be compatible with several operating systems.

A dedicated gaming server is the best option to choose but only if you have a good capital, since you must consider that these are more expensive than a VPS hosting. The larger your gaming community, the more you need a dedicated server.

If you decide to use a VPS like from GTXGaming¹, which we do, we recommend you to choose one that reaches a high power, the less power the equipment has the worse will be the performance it offers.

Being a physical machine with better resources, the dedicated server always offers better performance.

In short, what you should keep in mind when choosing between a VPS and a dedicated video game server² is:

  • The number of concurrent users your game will have.
  • The resources it will consume.
  • The budget you have.

What they have installed by default

server installationWhen you buy or rent a dedicated server for gaming, it will consist of a high-tech multi-core processor, usually one of the newest on the market.

As protection it will include a DDoS anti attack solution and a firewall, while the disks will be SSD type with SAS or NVMe connectors.

Advantages of a Dedicated Gaming Server

If your project is designed to be used by only a few players or is still in the testing stage, it is not necessary to resort to a dedicated server, a shared server may be adequate to meet your demands.

However, it will probably reach the point where it will turn out to be insufficient. If you decide to start using a dedicated server for videogames, at that moment you will acquire a series of characteristics that will allow that the development of your games evolves positively.


Among the advantages of using a dedicated server, the reduction of limitations regarding the performance and stability of the games stands out.

Regardless of the characteristics of the computers used by the players, the server will allow a fluid performance, allowing the connection of a high group of players.


Most dedicated servers³ offer antiDDos protection to prevent attacks and ensure continued service availability.

If your server turns out to be invaded by such an attack, your players won’t notice.

If you have this type of protection, both your company’s information and that of the players connecting to your match will be safe. In addition, you will avoid server saturation by receiving false requests, as well as physical damage to the computer.

Servers of this type have multi-core processors with adequate cooling processes, which facilitates overclocking and allows for greater power.

Play from wherever you want

As it does not depend on the hardware of the computer where it connects, any device can be used to connect and can be done from anywhere in the world with access to an Internet connection.

Whether you have a personal computer, tablet, smartphone or TV, you can join games without having to buy a console just to play.

Everything in the Cloud

There’s no need to back up data on the devices that connect to the server, everything stays in the cloud. Thanks to this, a game can continue to be played from any device located anywhere.

Any advance, score and achievement is linked to a profile, and a couple of clicks is enough to retrieve and summarize the games.

This type of storage has become almost a standard in recent years to ensure constant connectivity between various devices, being used by the largest streaming platforms and social networks.

When should I hire a Dedicated Online Gaming Server?

The time to hire a dedicated server like from GTXGaming comes when you have to offer more to your users, including better performance, versatility and adaptation, as well as greater security and protection of their data.

If your users demand to be able to connect to your game from anywhere, without the need to have a computer with any specific hardware and with the ease of starting to play with a single click, it is time to hire a dedicated server for online games.


The world of online games has taken over the market, there are thousands of games available to be used over the Internet and the vast majority are multiplayer court.

This trend will continue and more and more electronic devices will be designed to be able to connect and play this type of games, so if you decide to enter this world, it is important to prepare yourself and consider purchasing a dedicated server for online games suitable.

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