earn money with cell phone

How To Earn Money With Your Cell Phone

These apps and mobile games will help you!

Almost every German owns a smartphone and uses it all the time. We use our devices for many things: we write messages to our friends, use the cell phone for online shopping or make money transfers and other important daily tasks on the smartphone. However, most cell phone users have one thing in common: they use their cell phones for games and various apps.

In fact, 70 percent of all smartphone owners in Germany use their devices to play games. This can involve quite different games, of course bubble shooters, Candy Crush and Co. are among these apps. But many smartphone users want more, they want an app that they can play with, but also earn money at the same time. Another cool site that is al about making money online like with gaming and many other ideas is mumsenterprise.events.

There are different variants and among them are games that can be used to earn a little pocket money as well. This sounds like a wishful thinking at first, but it is within the realm of possibility. With these apps, mobile games and little tricks, you are definitely right on target. We have put together a small selection of different possibilities for you. These activities range from tasks that you do through the apps to playing games and earning money.

Job Apps And Virtual Mini Jobs

No matter if you are just studying and want to keep your head above water with a mini-job or if you just want to make a little extra pocket money in your free time, there are numerous apps that can help you find a small job.

Streetspotr is a good example of such micro jobs. Here you will be offered a job that you can take on via app and after you have successfully completed it you will receive a pre-determined compensation. After registration you can do these jobs around your place of residence. The earnings are then paid out via PayPal.

Other examples of such apps are Gold Donkey or appJobber. For the tasks in Gold Donkey, you do not have to leave your sofa at home, but complete virtual tasks. These jobs are mostly entertaining and can be completed in a short time.

Online Casinos And Gambling Apps

The virtual casinos have been on the advance for a while now and in the meantime Google has also given its OK and added apps from renowned casinos to the Play Store. The apps are secured and only casinos with a gambling license make it into the store. Like real gambling halls they offer the possibility to win money and most casinos give out so-called bonuses and offers to make your start easier.

Many casino apps also offer jackpots. It can be an entertaining way to make money on your cell phone and online casino apps are an entertaining pastime, especially if you choose a secure and licensed casino. One example is the DrückGlück Android app, licensed in Germany. Other large casinos can also be trusted.

Earn Money with your own Creativity

If online casinos are less interesting for you, there are many other options to get money through apps. Another option is for example uploading your own photos, images or other creative products. Apps like Shutterstock or Fotolia Instant are suitable for this. Here you get a commission for every picture that is bought. The commission ranges from 35 to 63 percent. A great way to earn money passively with your smartphone.

Become an App-Tester or use Advertising

Many apps invite you to earn money quickly and easily by simply watching a few promotional videos. Apps like Slidejoy, for example, send you a short video to your lock screen, you can watch it before unlocking and earn a little money that way. With other apps like Collekt you can get vouchers. Another app is for example TappOro, which rewards you for watching videos, downloading apps and participating in competitions.

Lotto and virtual Scratch Cards

Those who prefer to rely on their luck can get their money’s worth with lottery apps, bingo apps or virtual scratch cards. You can solve them directly from your cell phone without having to go to the kiosk. Of course, winning the lottery is a matter of luck, but it’s not a bad way to earn money with an app.

Is the whole Thing safe?

If you decide to use your smartphone to make money, there are a few points you should consider. You should definitely make sure that the provider is reputable and legal before downloading. One of the best ways to verify this is to download an app from the Google Play Store.

This is where the programs are checked and have to meet certain conditions. When transferring money, especially if you give your payment details to a program, you should always make sure that your details are respected. You can help by reviewing the terms and conditions.