How virtual reality can save mankind

robots-1271887_960_720There is something wrong with mankind. The talk was given by Gentry Lane, CEO and creator of TDO Productions, a VR creation studio aimed at societal good. We walk by truly terrible scenarios as though they are not there and that is a loss in humankind, she said.

Gentry posited the root is not one thing, not only video games or only pictures, but an step-by-step, repeat exposure that is desensitizing people to violence or whatever the case may be. Meanness was normalized in the kind of indifference, apathy, complacency, and unattributable aggression. So, crowd enough miserable, she joked, there is hope. Gentry believes that virtual reality is the strongest storytelling instrument on the market because it can give individuals the ability to experience things they never have before, and assume the viewpoint of someone else. At the moment, this ability is mostly used for VR Sex Videos though.  And, she said, it can construct mankind back up quicker and better if individuals work toward normalizing favorable social behavior.

  1. No gatekeepers: VR does not have to get past folks who are concerned with crowd numbers and advertisers and not taking threats “we’ve the power to be superb mad creative,” Gentry said.
  2. 0% suspension of disbelief: If folks can get trapped in a television show or film, picture what happens when they are considering a world that is included in a carton.
  3. Captive crowds: Captive crowds mean less sound, and less sound means a more powerful message. “We can get folks weep, we can catch them by the hearts,” she said.

There is a reason why individuals take off a headset and blink extremely—for a second, reality does not feel real.

Gentry proposed running under several guidelines because “We can do better in relation to the kind of content that is coming out right now.” Zombies and haunted asylums are great VR encounters, but they are low-hanging fruit. She also advocate writing a manifesto to basically create standards for the types of encounters you create.