The Love Life of the Future in VR

VR porn, sex robots, smart toys: These new technologies are conquering the bedroom – and revolutionizing our mating behavior. Bisexual, asexual – digisexual! This novel orientation is true if you are interested in technological forms of sexuality.

This includes sex with robots, sexgames vr and other digital forms of sex. Researchers predict that more and more people will develop these preferences in the future.

“It is safe to say that the era of immersive virtual sex has dawned,” confirms Neil Mccarthur, Director of the University Center for Professional Ethics and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba, Canada, in his study on digisexuality. So digitization doesn’t stop at our bedrooms either.

And we ask ourselves: Which digital seducers can we look forward to in the future? And how do we actually deal with these new temptations?

Virtual reality pornos and sex robots on the rise

Virtual Reality (VR) is everywhere in the fast lane – the erotic industry also benefits from this. According to the Pornhub website, VR porn is the fastest growing category in the online erotic industry. The promise of the filmmakers: VR glasses with 360-degree videos ensure a sex experience that feels particularly real.

The catch: Interactions with the environment are not yet directly possible in the videos, but now there are some VR sex apps that make this possible. The start-up VAQSO, for example, provides even more real virtual adventures. The Japanese have developed an olfactory add-on for VR glasses that emits a variety of scents matching the VR content. Sometimes it can lead to motion sickness.

The virtual worlds may well be convincing from a scent, visual and acoustic point of view, but VR fans repeatedly complain about the lack of haptics. This is where sex robots come into play: the life-size rubber dolls not only look more and more like people, they also behave like them. The Chinese company DS Doll Robotics, for example, develops robotic heads for silicone Exp dolls. These can be controlled via app or game controller. Hand-painted human facial features move in authentic facial expressions and AI ensures that the doll can speak.

“Love is dug off the water by sexual super stimuli.”

Sex with a robot? More and more people think this is conceivable: The future study by BR, Arte, ORF and the Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation has shown that every fifth German would go to bed with a sex robot. In addition, more than half would not mind if their partner had sex with a robot.

  • Experts fear that the use of the dolls could negatively change real couple relationships in this way.
  • Rightly so? “Our drives are increasingly decoupling from partnership,” says couple and sex therapist Heike Melzer in an interview with Stern. “
  • Anyone can easily have sex without their own partner.

Love is dug off the water by sexual super stimuli. It is rarely talked about. The man says in the evening that he still has to check e-mails – and goes to porn sites. His wife says she goes to bed early – and takes the vibrator. Lust is there, but no longer on the partner.”

But Sex 2.0 also has its advantages: Vibease or OhMiBod are intelligent vibrators that can be remote-controlled by means of an app. This is useful, for example, for couples who have long-distance relationships. The devices can also be activated by the partner – no matter how many kilometres lie in between. On the search for erotic inspiration, a completely new medium has opened up: the podcast. No matter if humorous, enlightening or informative – here it goes (of course only verbally) right to the point. The podcasts “Oh, Baby!”, “Better than Sex” and “Best Girlfriends” are just some of the great ear-cinemas.