VR And Relationships

office-820390_960_720Almost anybody who is in a relationship for just about any adequate period of time (or knows somebody who has) can recognize the impression of being bored using the routine and that things could be becoming a little “stale” and may need just a little something additional to reignite the spark and refresh your love life.

Sadly for many otherwise joyful couples, rather than do something exciting with their partner (skydiving lessons maybe, or an intimate vacation) in a bid to get the stagnant energy going again, — infidelity — is all to frequently the goto quick fix for his or her feelings of monotony; even in the face of the danger that it could ruin everything they have worked for years collectively to reach.

Yet again and again we also learn that a small amount of “fucking around” is just what the relationship desired, despite the fact that a heart could be broken along the way.

What if Oculus Rift Porn (and similar HMD’s) could let individuals who touch of extra naughtiness on the side which is so frequently wanted, sans all the danger?

Could Virtual Reality function as sexual savior to the occasionally inevitable tedium of a long term relationship?

We believe it can.

You spend one hour or two taking a seaside walk using a simulated girl/man straight out of your horniest dreams, and afterwords you’ve some hot and filthy sex (using your favourite teledildonics apparatus needless to say);

Afterwards you’re feeling fantastic, and what is more significantly you love your partner more than before.

And so next time you and the one you love are to the edge and those ideas and feelings of unfaithfulness come creeping in, recall the aforementioned narrative and attempt putting in your Rift instead.

And should you choose to give it a try you come here and let’s know the way that it worked for you.