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VR & Cyber Sex, Hobby or Addiction?

Mobile devices encourage this practice

“Having sex is good, healthy and normal”; however, when this activity is associated with an addiction such as “hypersexuality” or “cybersex,” it can imply negative consequences for people’s health and affect their interpersonal relationships, said an academic at the UNAM School of Psychology.

“Instead of being with a partner, the person prefers to obtain sexual pleasure on the Internet; he spends many hours in erotic chats, seeking cybersex in anonymity to fulfill fantasies that he would not realize in real life. He regularly alternates the Internet with erotic calls and masturbates while he is in the chat room or watching a video,” describes the specialist.

In the professor’s opinion, sex on the Internet is not a recent behavior, and although some studies have already been carried out, little is known about the subject given the difficulty of taking these cases to a laboratory, since it is an activity that is regularly carried out in private.

He explained that the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) of the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that there is still no definitive information on the processes involved in the development and maintenance of compulsive sexual behavior; however, it is hoped to have a better understanding of the subject, when its neurobiological foundations are clarified.

Cybersex, he emphasized, can represent an addiction where people have access to a great variety of sexual content that is consumed to satisfy their needs, which is favored today by the portability of mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets that allow them to make phone calls or visit pornography sites.

Causes of Virtual Sex Addiction

With respect to hypersexuality, he explained that these are people (women and men, although more recognized in the male gender) with sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior, that is, they resort to this type of behavior very reluctantly and are unable to avoid it because of the anxiety that it implies, thus losing a certain freedom and their daily life is affected.

The professor explained that in hypersexuality the person loses self-control by presenting an unrestrained desire to have sex, either physical or cybernetic, in most cases in an unsatisfactory manner; he neglects his daily activities, and communication and affection for the other person is observed to be frankly deteriorated.

“Sex is used to reduce states of anxiety, it is a means to diminish emotional discomfort due to low self-esteem and personal dissatisfaction,” the specialist highlights in her publication in the UNAM Gazette. That’s why VR cam girls can sometimes even be seen as a kind of therapist in the very moment, although this might sound weird. Such can be found here.

This addiction is linked to the syndrome of abstinence, because the person must generate that behavior to avoid discomfort; it presents anxiety to have sex and to feel gratification, from the point of view of the behavioral pharmacology it is associated with the increase of dopamine, in which the circuit of reward is activated.

The symptoms are intense desire, anxiety or need to realize the pleasurable activity; progressive loss of control of the pleasurable activity; neglect of usual activities: academic, work or leisure; being defensive and denying the problem, everything revolves around the addictive behavior and there are injuries, wounds or pain in the genitals.