Whats hot for the Oculus Rift?

stock-624712_640 Happily for those of us Oculus Rift DK2 owners that are seeking a fix, I’ve discovered and share with you here a few mature demos released on the span of the past month; and some upgrades empowering Rift support to a few of larger jobs at the same time.

Let us go down the list and discuss a little about that which we’ve located!

— Only one Dance VR-

For those who have not heard the name “Bioshock” by now, you’re likely either lying or you do not actually exist; the franchise is enormous and a household name for many, but did you understand there’s a popular pornography variation of the game?

— You Should Not Have Dropped The Soap — A really homosexual demo-

The 1st homosexual demo for the Rift and wanting lots of work (we are all amateurs only at that point though, actually), this quite intriguing job comes with a guy (you) getting anally plowed by another quite big guy; in what appears to be a seedy shower room in the film “hostel” (a penitentiary shower maybe?).

Like all the modest VR Porn demos available is not much to see here, but if you’re into homerotic amusement you might get a kick out of it at the very least; only be warned that the scale settings look way away and can not be altered, so everything is ridiculously disproportionately large.
Development malfunction or deliberate setting? Let us leave that up for you to determine…

-VRtitties 0.11-

The latest upgrade to the VRtitties game in the newsgroup using similar name, shows us just how much a fresh programmer can come (cum?) in just a couple of months of working using a fresh engine.

Assembled in UE4, ChelseaRift’s latest iteration has a lot of progress to appreciate, including multiple scenes with distinct locations (cowgirl, doggystyle and straddle). Given that all another small-scale demos are just one little scene and nothing more, that is most likely the most “robust” Indie VR Porn encounter out there, but it’s certainly lacking the refinement that we might expect for.
Having a small amount of cash I can not help but believe these guys could put together something wonderful, so be certain to see their website and leave a gift (link is in the sidebar) to help finance the future of VR Porn.

vr-911031_640By far my favorite in the list up to now, however just since I am such a huge fan of hentai/anime information. This demo features many scantily clad really cunning lolis in rows dancing about into a song and dance routine being put on by another cute anime girls; along with some MMD character becoming stopped up from behind by an unusually proportioned muscle bound thug. A perfect candidate for a Virtual Sex Game. Filled with humorous glitches and cutting problems (the girl in the trunk using the distorted upward legs/IK problem will work to get a chuckle), these in no way detract from your overall enjoyability of seeing a whole lot of nude cartoon girls freaking out in various manners (in other words, it is amazing).
The last touch of DK2 Porn good that individuals discovered comes from a very long standing mature MMO game which you might very well have played, and have almost certainly heard of before:

The UTHERVERSE Red Light Center 2.0 upgrade has gotten it is long-anticipated for Oculus Rift support! Although I can not comment personally on what this is like until I Have attempted it, I Had like to expect that with the financial backing that game must have, they could manage to do it right.

So there we have it, that’s my small set of delectable tidbits I Have found while crawling across the underbelly of the ever growing VR multiverse. What they might lack in refinement, they compensate for in panache!

By the looks of it individuals have become more secure using the thought that Virtual Reality is here to remain and we’re bound to see an increasing number of programmers jumping on the wagon to get involved in what promises to be the best thing since robot sex.

Time to whip out your joysticks people….